Monday, July 07, 2014

Working in Boston

Since moving to Boston in 2012, I have experienced a quality of life upgrade. I spend my time enjoying the beach, the garden we are growing in the yard, the community and my friends. My happiness has influenced my practice and has allowed me to reach so many new people here.

My work with clients continues to inspire me.  In just the past week I have seen cases including hand numbness and tingling, low back pain/inflexibility, insomnia/waking at 3am, work life balance issues, detox and weight loss concerns, hip surgery recovery, endometriosis pain management, anxiety, grief and recovery from loss. This work is not limited to acute physical concerns. We are looking at you as a whole person. In my acupuncture office, you are a mind-body-soul-history-goals-human. I want to know you so that I can contribute to your healing and progress in this life.

People often mention various symptoms and wonder if I can help. There is truly NO Thing acupuncture cannot help. We do not cure. We do not fix. We heal. Healing is a process, a wild, unpredictable thing that often leads us by the nose into issues that we have yet to address. Healing is automatic and simultaneously difficult. Acupuncture can help get past roadblocks and speed the process along and help you keep your head through the challenges.

I work out of Exhale Spa in Back Bay (Boston) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (3-9pm). During the school year I am a teaching assistant at near by New England School of Acupuncture. I also treat clients in my home office in West Medford.

In my off hours I can be found training in Tae Kwon Do at Jae Hun Kim in Porter Square or heading to one of our local beaches for a bit of boogie boarding and beach combing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anastasia at Exhale Spa in Boston

Acupuncture at Exhale Spa. All the benefits of private wellness office nestled within a 17,000 sq ft Spa in Boston. Access to in-house massage therapists, yoga classes and steam room.

Excellent Acupuncture and Wellness Guidance provided in an environment designed to facilitate relaxation and cultivate your wellness potential.

Acupuncture for everyday stress, acute and chronic injuries or illnesses, Headaches, physical pain, emotional distress, complicated health issues. If you are struggling with something, I can help.

Appointments can be booked online at
Under the Healing section you will find all Acupuncture and Holistic Healing modalities. 

You can also call the spa to book with me: Phone: 617 532 7000

Look forward to seeing you at Exhale Spa - back bay

28 Arlington Street
Boston, MA  02116

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On Running and Shoes

So I just finished Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and I am struggling to balance my experience with the new information contained in this book - totally read it.

I agree that barefoot is best. If I still inhabited the northern woods and lakes of Minnesota I would only have flipflops (for going to the store) and winter boots (a survival thing). My feet would be covered in pine pitch and fresh as a spring daisy.

But NYC is dirty and really gross. So I wear shoes. I practice martial arts barefoot on old, unforgiving hardwood floors. I leave my shoes at the door of my home. I still drive barefoot when I can get away with it. I am lucky. I grew up running around on gravel roads- shoes were for going to town only. I have those muscles, that arch still. 10 years in NYC has lowered it a bit and my tootsies are far more tender to barefooting the outdoors.

So what does that all mean for you? Tender feet should get some cushin and do their little feety exercises to strengthen the atrophied, neglected group of 20 muscles in each foot so that some days you can chase your kids across the lawn without stopping to lace up. So that in time you can wear those cute lightweight sneakers everyone is selling. So that with a little work you can buff up those puny muscles to protect your delicate dogs from injury. It can be done.

Step one- get some marbles, drop them on the floor and pick them up with your toes. Take off your shoes when you get home. Walk on the earth- soul to sole as much possible.

We aren't all ready to toss our cushy trainers for the vibram 5 fingers. But we were all born to be. Isn't that what we are all searching for in life? The innocence and abandon of a 6 yr old playing in the grass with the whole block. Zooming around free of intellectual burdens and emotional baggage, even if just for an hour.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The importance of mini-vacations.

Having just returned from a beach vacation I am keenly aware of the value of enjoying the life we have worked so hard to build. In moments when I need that vacation fix but am on the train with 50 teenagers (Ugh!) I turn to books for my survival. Currently totally obsessed with Kim Harrison and the Hollows series. Pixies, Witches, Weres and Vampires with a ton of jokes worked in that have me laughing out loud in a sea of obnoxious kids on the train. Yay! I win.